Foam-Control Flotation Blocks are highly buoyant and can be shaped for almost any application. Foam-Control flotation blocks work in synergy with chemical and impact resistant coatings/coverings for maximum service and environmental safety. Protective coatings/coverings must be used to encapsulate the Foam-Control. This will ensure optimum service life and meet many of today’s marine design standards.

Extremely Buoyant.

Foam-Control is extremely buoyant. One cubic foot of material will float 60 lbs. of weight at water level. Foam-Control Flotation Blocks can be made in a variety of sizes, and are easily installed using common tools and assembly techniques.

Highly Stable.

Foam-Control Flotation Blocks are made from highly stable molded expanded polystyrene. With proper care and protection they will not corrode, decay or sink when punctured, and will give years of flotation service.