Fabricated and Industrial Products

Hawaii Construction Foam is an amazingly strong and versatile material. Consisting of over 90% air, HCF provides protection, cushioning and ecologically safe insulation properties. By adding control to the mix, HCF users have achieved some impressive results:


  • RV coach body insulation that improves comfort while giving rigidity and strength.
  • Window packaging that reduces both shipping cost and damage.
  • Temperature-control packaging that preserves foods, medical supplies and other temperature-sensitive materials for long-distance shipping.
  • Casting patterns that produce more precise aluminum engine blocks, reducing cost and speeding production time.
  • Garage door cores that save energy, help the environment and add strength and durability.

An Inspiration for Engineering.

Few materials offer the custom engineering properties of Hawaii Construction Foam. Pacific Allied Products is there to help problem solve by assisting you in engineering unique solutions for protective packaging and OEM products. With knowledge of what’s been tested and proven in different applications, they will work with you on the design, the materials, the processes, the quality, and — ultimately — the success of your finished packaging or OEM part. The control you get with Hawaii Construction Foam means that you can achieve packaging and product designs that wouldn’t be possible with other materials.

We utilize AutoCAD software to customize designs according to customer specifications. Our new machinery and quality control programs allow us to consistently execute those designs at a high level of precision.

A No-Brainer for Purchasing.

For more than 60 years, molded polystyrene has been the material of choice for strength, lightweight protection, price, and versatility. Whether it’s a small or large production run, the control you get with Hawaii Construction Foam makes it the best choice. You develop specs, designs, and prototypes locally, then manufacture close to your production facilities or customers.