Pacific Allied Products Ltd., Hawaii’s only EPS manufacturer, recently received the national 2016 EPS Industry Alliance’s Excellence in EPS Recycling Award for its Hawaiian Recycling Initiative program.

The award, which was created in 2013, recognizes organizations that excel in their achievements and commitment to expanded polystyrene (EPS) recycling. Through its Hawaiian Recycling Initiative, Pacific Allied Products has greatly increased the recycling production of EPS in Hawaii over the past decade, now totaling 775,000 pounds of foam per year, currently gathered from 54 different companies.

Pac Allied has accomplished this by investing in an EPS densifier machine, while also reusing the EPS resin bead sacks to ship the then densified foam out of the state, where it is repurposed to make picture frames and other plastics products. For their efforts, Pacific Allied has been issued a permit by the State of Hawaii to become a certified approved recycling center for EPS foam.

“Manufacturing on an island in the middle of the Pacific presents its own unique challenges and we needed to find a solution for the disposal of our foam waste that would be both cost-effective and environmentally friendly,” said Pacific Allied Products President Bernie Coleman, “It’s a win-win for everyone.”