The Foam-Control GeoGripper Plate is a galvanized steel multi-barbed connector. It is used to restrain rigid foam from moving laterally in “layer over layer” applications. Its single piece/two-sided design allows for excellent connection between layers in a one-step application.


  • Single Piece, Double Barbed Design
  • Galvanized Steel For Durability
  • Easy Fast Installation at Site
  • Strong Lateral Hold
  • Cost-Effective

Foam-Control GeoGripper Plate.

The GeoGripper Plate is made of galvanized steel for strength and durability. It is sized for easy handling and job site installation. The barbs are sized to pierce the rigid foam and hold tight, yet not create a significant danger to the applicator. The sharp barbs pierce quickly and firmly into rigid foams. The unique barb pattern locks the plate into place. The succeeding Geofoam material seats firmly over the gripper plate. The Geofoam is now held against horizontal movement and work activities can proceed over top of the in-place layers.