Polyiso Roof Assemblies

Variable thickness flat stock or fabricated Foam-Control can be used in numerous configurations with Polyiso roof insulation (below, between, above) achieving optimum function and cost. Foam-Control is cost-effective, durable, energy efficient, and easily fabricated making the production of custom tapers, crickets, saddles, flute filler, and flat stock ideal to use in combination with Polyiso insulation.


Foam-Control roof insulation is compatible with all commercially available Polyiso roof insulations. Slope to drain fabrication, design flexibility, and one step application make Foam-Control the preferred roofing solution for custom fabricated insulation among Contractors, Architects, and Engineers. Flat stock Foam-Control can be used to increase R-value at an economical cost.


  • Lower cost than Polyiso
  • Adds long-term R-value
  • Provides economical one step tapered roof system
  • Custom crickets and saddles are fast to install
  • Environmentally responsible
  • Superior moisture resistance