Foam-Control and the Environment

Life Cycle Benefits.

When choosing Foam-Control you are getting a material with built-in features that provide environmental benefits. Building materials and their impact on the environment must be considered over the full life of the building structure. This is considered the ”life cycle” of the building. This includes inventorying the cost to the environment from material production, transportation, installation, use, and end of life reuse, recycling, or disposal.

Research has shown that for both residential buildings and commercial buildings that operations contribute to over 90% of the building’s impact on global warming. Reducing energy use and its resulting pollution is the best way to reduce our impact on the environment.

The energy savings from Foam-Control in structures can translate into emission reductions of tons of carbon dioxide per year Foam-Control improves the energy efficiency over the full operating life of the building resulting in a positive impact on the environment.

Foam-Control always comes in green.

Foam-Control helps make your construction projects environmentally friendly.

  • Lower energy consumption reduces carbon dioxide emissions
  • Is inert and stable
  • Does not produce contaminating leachates
  • Has never contained CFC, HCFC or HFC, all of which are harmful to the earth’s ozone layer


Foam-Control is 100% recyclable. It can be ground into granules and reincorporated into new Foam-Control products. Or it can be thermally processed into a resin that’s used to manufacture other new products.